“Creative activity allows us to get beneath the surface and help us express what is really going on in our lives.

Lines, shapes, colours, forms, and images all provide a mirror that reflects the good, the bad, and the beauty that is within us all.”

– Rubin

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Hello and Welcome 

Zen Zebra Art Therapy Therapist Emma
I’m Emma, a creative and passionate arts therapist with an insatiable desire to help you and your loved ones live their best possible life. That is why I created this practice, this space, to hold this time for you to discover, create, and be the you that you are destined to be…

My therapeutic approach is gentle, supportive, intuitive, collaborative, relationship-focused and most importantly client-centred. I wholeheartedly believe that every client is unique and the expert of their own life, bringing with them individual goals and lived experiences, which is why I will adjust my methods and modalities to ‘tailor make’ each new session. My goal is to provide a warm and safe, non-judgmental and creative space so that we can explore any emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal challenges, together!

I have a special interest in working with people of all ages who are experiencing feelings related to grief and loss, as well as individuals who seek help and healing from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). I understand from personal experience the negative impacts that these can have on a young person’s future and it is because of this I bring a valuable empathy and compassion to the therapeutic relationship.

Effective art therapy can improve the health and well-being of people who are dealing with all sorts of presenting issues such as; addictions, attention disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, physical illness, trauma, challenging relationships and much more and I do truly appreciate how hard it can be to take this first step so please hit the ‘Book An Appointment’ button to schedule your friendly and complimentary 15 minute discovery call or if you’d prefer you can call me now on 0481 258 118.

I really look forward to hearing from you,

Emma x

“Our wounds are often the opening into the best
and most beautiful part of us.”

– David Richo


For children in particular, non-verbal means of communication are an
important part of any therapy because children do not always have the
words to accurately convey feelings and experiences. 
– Cathy Malchiodi



Art therapy offers teens the time and space to explore the self and engage in
self-reflection all whilst highlighting some effective coping techniques to help
them navigate this time of great transition and change.



One on one art therapy is an
empowering journey of self-discovery
and can be a powerful way for
adults to work through challenging
emotions without needing to know
what to say.